Minimize Fish Kill in Extreme Winter Weather

Minimize fish kill in extreme winter weather!

Don’t let this be your Pond or Lake! We don’t want a repeat of 2013.

Minimize fish kill in extreme winter weather! Snow on the ice for long periods of time can become a problem. With limited, or no oxygen, your pond or lake is at risk for fish kill. Here are some options to help minimize the stress on your fish:

  1. Shovel as much snow off your pond as you can, letting the sun penetrate. Try to do this after each snowfall.
  2. Drill some holes in the ice if you are not already enjoying ice fishing this year.   
  3. It’s not too late to get a diffused air aeration system installed if electricity is near. Even with this cold weather it can be done—at least along the edge in a couple spots. You can move the diffusers deeper in the spring.  Solar-powered options are available as well.   

Good Luck!  Hope for an early Spring! 

Dock Kits: 12-Foot x 12-Foot Now On Sale!

From today through year-end we are offering our 12-foot x 12-foot dock kits at 10% off our normal price!

The photo here shows the three dock components we sell. Closest to shore is the 4-foot x 10-foot  Gangway. Next in line is an additional 4-foot x 10-foot section—our Gangway Extension kit. And lastly, the big one, our 12-foot x 12-foot Swim Platform kit—which is now on sale!

The 12-foot x 12-foot kit may be anchored to shore with a Gangway kit and and optional Gangway Extension kit. The 12-foot x 12-foot kit may also be used as a freestanding swim platform when anchored in deeper water.

All dock kits contain:

  • One-piece rotationally molded 16-inch floats
  • All hardware such as hinge connectors, inside and outside corners, lag bolts, washers, nuts, deck screws, etc.
  • Materials list detailing wood pieces needed (length, width, quantity, etc.)
  • Detailed assembly instructions

You can order your dock kit now by visiting our online store and choose the kit or kits that you want. Or, if you prefer, give us a call at (319) 350-2918. Kevin would be happy to get you what you are looking for.

Dock Gangway Kit – 4-ft x 10-ft

Dock Gangway Kit – 4-ft x 10-ft

Dock Swim Platform Kit – 12-ft x 12-ft (optional ladder shown)

Dock Swim Platform Kit – 12-ft x 12-ft (optional ladder shown)

Dock Gangway, Gangway Extension and Swim Platform

Dock Gangway, Gangway Extension and Swim Platform

Fall 2017 electrofishing tour

Last week we traveled all over the state of Iowa electrofishing 20 ponds at 18 locations—providing full pond audits to each Bjornsen Pond Management client. Electrofishing temporarily stuns fish with electrical current allowing them to be netted—just long enough for our team to take a census. Electrofishing does not harm the fish—desirable fish are returned to the pond. A Bjornsen Pond Management pond audit includes a custom plan to grow a great fishery, a pond vegetation control plan, and a pond improvement plan outlining recreational features, water quality and maintenance.

One thing that we have learned over the years is that electrofishing is a true family event attracting young and old. And we have a great time with all of our clients.

Full pond audits teach our clients so much about their ponds—and they help Bjornsen Pond Management make educated recommendations on fish stocking, pond vegetation control, and pond maintenance recommendations. The fall 2017 electrofishing tour was 100% successful! We are now turning our focus to fall fish stocking.

Thank you!

We would like to thank our wonderful clients for taking this fist step in their managing their fishery. With a proper stocking plan and a bit of time for growth, there will be some great trophy fish on the hook in the near future.

We are still taking orders for fall fish stocking. Don’t know what to stock? Don’t just guess! Bjornsen Pond Management  will develop a stocking plan that works best for your fishing and pond goals. We work with the best fisheries in the country to get you the best fish available. Contact us online today! Or call 319-350-2918 or email Kevin at [email protected].



We use only genetically superior stock from the nation’s best breeders and can help you develop a specialized fishery with focus on: Albino Catfish, Bluegill, Brown Trout, Channel Catfish, Crappie, Golden Shiner, Grass Carp, Hybrid Bluegill, Hybrid Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Minnow, Muskie, Northern, Rainbow Trout, Red Ear Sunfish, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Yellow Perch. See fish species photo and descriptions, here.

Fish availability from our growers is hard to predict!—quantities of certain species as well as seasonal timing change dramatically from year to year. Reserving your fish and delivery period will ensure you get what you want when you want it.


Fish Stocking Flyer

Fall 2017 Electrofishing: Sign Up Now! Contact us online or call (319) 350-2918 today! Our sign up period is open from now through the first part of September for fall electrofishing which will start mid September. We have a limited number of dates to fill for 2017. Once these dates are filled your next chance to electrofish will be spring 2018!

Bjornsen Pond Management travels across the Midwest to electrofish lakes and ponds every spring and fall. Electrofishing (temporarily shocking) your lake or pond gives us a snapshot of current fish populations. Taking an inventory of what you have will allow us to create a perfect management plan—including forage stocking, game fish stocking, habitat enhancement, and pond vegetation control recommendations. From our visit we also address aeration and water quality needs.

Spring 2017 electrofishing tour: Last week we electrofished 18 ponds all over Iowa. Customers were able to see what fish species and sizes they have in their pond allowing us to provide a custom stocking plan that will help reach their pond’s goals. We met a lot of new people, saw some great ponds, and had a lot of fun. Don’t miss your opportunity to have your pond electrofished this fall!

Electrofishing at Cascade Sportsman Club Final day of electrofishing Two big Largemouth Bass Nate with a full net Nate with his hands full Carp Great day electrofishing Excited for the future of their pond Full net Nate with a catfish Final day of electrofishing Customers getting advise Full net

Join Bjornsen Pond Management for a  Spring 2017 Pond Management Meeting

Spring 2017 Pond Management Meeting

B&B Farm Store Warehouse (Across from Jesup Gym)
1310 12th Street
Jesup, Iowa

April 26, 2017
Registration and Meal 5:30-6:00 p.m.


  • Meal Provided, Door Prizes & AquaMax Promotions
  • Featured Speaker: Nate Herman, star of DIY TV’s Lake Life show & Premier Pond Management (pond vegetation control, aeration, growing trophy fish, electro fishing)
  • Additional Speaker: Fisheries Biologist Tad Locher (Pond Fishing)
  • If you have questions about pond management, call Kevin Bjornson at (319) 350-2918 or contact the Bjornsen Pond team on the web.

RSVP to Hillary Lynch at (800) 280-1463 or by email at [email protected] by April 19!

Spring 2017 Pond Management Meeting