Shipping Methods

UPS Ground

Most of the items in our store can be boxed and shipped by UPS Ground.

Local Pickup (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) from Bjornsen Pond Shop

Items that fall into this category are bulky and heavy and best picked up directly from our shop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Are you seeing a No Shipping For This Product message for your product(s)?

Most of the time this can be corrected by entering your state and zip code. Please click the Enter a different address link. Enter a state and zip code, and click the Update button.

We have a few products that cannot be shipped affordably. In some cases you may still see a No Shipping For This Product message. Certain products are simply too difficult to ship without crating, shipping via truck line, and loading/unloading with a forklift.

Please call (319) 350-2918. We will work with you to come up with a delivery solution.

Special Shipping (to be quoted)

Items that fall into this category are not overly heavy, but due to their bulky size cannot be shipped by UPS Ground. We will create a Special Shipping quote on such items.

Free Shipping

On some of our store items we have negotiated free shipping with the manufacturer. If you are seeing this description your item will be drop shipped directly to you with no shipping cost.