2019 Pond Information Meeting

Attend our 2019 Pond Information Meeting (free) and take your pond to the next level!

Kevin Bjornsen of Bjornsen Pond Management will be appearing Thursday April 25, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at a free pond information meeting at Fin & Feather, Iowa City, Iowa.

This is a great opportunity to meet with Kevin and ask him any questions you may have regarding:

  • Electrofishing
  • Vegetation control and water quality
  • Aeration
  • Fish stocking and fisheries management
  • Land management including wildlife habitat enhancement and nuisance species control

Also appearing will be Nate Herman of Herman Brothers and a guest speaker from Fin & Feather’s fishing department.

Mark your calendar for April 25th!

Fin & Feather Location: 125 Highway 1 W, Iowa City, IA 52246