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One more opportunity for pond audits with electrofishing!!

Due to a change in our schedule, we have one more opportunity for pond audits with electrofishing on June 22nd and 23rd. This is a one-time chance to get your pond on our list for an early summer audit. When these two openings fill we will not have any more pond audits with electrofishing dates until fall!

A pond audit is about much more than just fishing

Yes, a Bjornsen Pond Management pond audit with electrofishing will tell you everything you need to know about your fish population. But, an audit goes well beyond that. While we are on your property we:

  • Study overall habitat and water quality including a detailed assessment of aquatic plants/weeds
  • Observe predator to prey ratios to determine relative weights of fish population
  • Monitor undesirable species or over abundant year classes
  • Visually inspect the sampled fish for diseases and parasites
  • Inspect the dam spillway and watershed
  • Address any of your questions or concerns

Our assessment will allow you to take control of all issues, returning your pond to a healthy and beautiful body of water. These pond audit with electrofishing spots will go quickly. Contact us online or call (319) 350-2918 today!