2020 Spring Electrofishing Signup

2020 spring electrofishing signup

Now is the perfect time to look ahead to late spring and summer. Soon you will cast a line hoping to catch one of your trophy fish. When they bite, are they the hogs that you imagined? Or are they are smaller than expected? You know the fish were once there. But are they today? How many? What size? And what is the makeup of the other species that support the growth of your trophy sized fish?

We are now scheduling pond audits with electrofishing for spring 2020

Over the next few months we we will be conducting pond audits with electrofishing in ponds all over Iowa and surrounding states. Our customers (Home Owners Associations, campgrounds, and private pond owners) will be able to see firsthand what fish species and sizes they have in their ponds

Now is the time to think ahead to what you would like to learn about your pond’s health. Go beyond a “hunch” and really learn what is going on beneath the water’s surface. A pond and lake audit with electrofishing will give you the real story. It will give you data—data that you can use to make intelligent stocking decisions. Concerns over invasive vegetation will also addressed with education and mitigation plans for the control of unwanted plant species.

We are already putting our electrofishing schedule together for spring 2020. Contact us via our Online form or call (319) 350-2918 to reserve your spot on our schedule!

With the unknown future of Covid 19, we will be practicing responsible hygiene and social distancing. We look forward to getting to know you and your pond needs!