Fall 2017 Electrofishing: Sign Up Now!

Schedule your spring electrofishing today

Fall 2017 Electrofishing: Sign Up Now! Contact us online or call (319) 350-2918 today! Our sign up period is open from now through the first part of September for fall electrofishing which will start mid September. We have a limited number of dates to fill for 2017. Once these dates are filled your next chance to electrofish will be spring 2018!

Bjornsen Pond Management travels across the Midwest to electrofish lakes and ponds every spring and fall. Electrofishing (temporarily shocking) your lake or pond gives us a snapshot of current fish populations. Taking an inventory of what you have will allow us to create a perfect management plan—including forage stocking, game fish stocking, habitat enhancement, and pond vegetation control recommendations. From our visit we also address aeration and water quality needs.