Fall 2017 tour: Full pond audits with electrofishing

Fall 2017 electrofishing tour

Fall 2017 electrofishing tour

Last week we traveled all over the state of Iowa electrofishing 20 ponds at 18 locations—providing full pond audits to each Bjornsen Pond Management client. Electrofishing temporarily stuns fish with electrical current allowing them to be netted—just long enough for our team to take a census. Electrofishing does not harm the fish—desirable fish are returned to the pond. A Bjornsen Pond Management pond audit includes a custom plan to grow a great fishery, a pond vegetation control plan, and a pond improvement plan outlining recreational features, water quality and maintenance.

One thing that we have learned over the years is that electrofishing is a true family event attracting young and old. And we have a great time with all of our clients.

Full pond audits teach our clients so much about their ponds—and they help Bjornsen Pond Management make educated recommendations on fish stocking, pond vegetation control, and pond maintenance recommendations. The fall 2017 electrofishing tour was 100% successful! We are now turning our focus to fall fish stocking.

Thank you!

We would like to thank our wonderful clients for taking this fist step in their managing their fishery. With a proper stocking plan and a bit of time for growth, there will be some great trophy fish on the hook in the near future.