Fall 2019 Pond Audit and Electrofishing Tour

Over the past couple of weeks we had a break in our other activities allowing us to conduct pond audits with electrofishing across eastern Iowa. After each outing our customers were able to see firsthand what fish species and sizes they have in their ponds. Over time we have found that a pond owner’s “best hunch” of what is in their pond rarely matches reality and each outing revealed interesting data. We addressed size and populations of each fish species and concerns about invasive vegetation, leaving each owner with a stocking and harvest plan and education on controlling unwanted plant species.

We met a lot of new people, saw some great ponds, and had a lot of fun. A pond audit with electrofishing is the best way to learn about the fish population and overall health of your pond. Contact us via our Online form or Or call (319) 350-2918.