Minimize Fish Kill in Extreme Winter Weather

Minimize fish kill in extreme winter weather!

Don’t let this be your Pond or Lake! We don’t want a repeat of 2013.

Minimize fish kill in extreme winter weather! Snow on the ice for long periods of time can become a problem. With limited, or no oxygen, your pond or lake is at risk for fish kill. Here are some options to help minimize the stress on your fish:

  1. Shovel as much snow off your pond as you can, letting the sun penetrate. Try to do this after each snowfall.
  2. Drill some holes in the ice if you are not already enjoying ice fishing this year.   
  3. It’s not too late to get a diffused air aeration system installed if electricity is near. Even with this cold weather it can be done—at least along the edge in a couple spots. You can move the diffusers deeper in the spring.  Solar-powered options are available as well.   

Good Luck!  Hope for an early Spring!