New Day, New Website!

New Day, New Website

It’s a new day. Welcome to our new website! Stay for awhile, browse the pages, and leave your comments on our blog posts. Bjornsen Pond Management is your source for pond and lake management, services, and products! 

Bjornsen Pond Management specializes in creating healthy, vibrant fisheries that serve your needs as a sportsman. We often recommend an Electrofishing Survey as the starting point in returning your pond to great health. Over time, fish populations can get out of balance with feeder fish populations becoming too dense—taxing your pond resources. Large gamefish populations can also be decimated by not having enough smaller fish to feed on. A mix of the right fish species will also keep your plant life in check— without those species you can be fighting a losing battle with invasive plant species.

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We want to provide all of our customers with a wonderful, personal experience. The Bjornsen Pond team looks forward to serving you on your pond or lake project—large or small. Again, welcome to our new website—our online home.