Spring 2021 Electrofishing and Other Exciting News!

Wes Sleeper with 2 Largemouth Bass

Wes Sleeper, Bjornsen Pond Management Fisheries Biologist



Spring 2021 Electrofishing.

Bjornsen Pond Management has been out electrofishing and stocking ponds for the past couple of months. Our schedule has been very full, but we are still interested in hearing from you! We will be electrofishing through May—and depending on demand, we will continue into the summer months.  Have you been wanting to have your pond electrofished? Now is the time to think ahead to what you would like to learn about your pond’s health. Go beyond a “hunch” and really learn what is going on beneath the water’s surface. A pond and lake audit with electrofishing will give you the real story. It will give you data—data that you can use to make intelligent stocking decisions. Concerns over invasive vegetation will also addressed with education and mitigation plans for the control of unwanted plant species.

Welcome Wes Sleeper!

Bjornsen Pond Management is growing. We are excited to announce that we have added Wes Sleeper, Fisheries and Wildlife Biologist, to our staff. Wes received his bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Iowa State University and added a master’s degree from Southeast Missouri State University. Wes added to his education with work experience as a Big Rivers and Wetlands Biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation and as a Trout Management Biologist for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Wes will help us with many facets of our business, particularly those involving building high-quality fisheries for our customers. Contact us via our Online form or call Wes at (319) 640-1253 to reserve your spot on our schedule! Welcome to the team Wes!

We look forward to getting to know you and your pond needs!