Free Shipping On All EasyPro Aeration Systems

Act Now! The Pond Weed Are Coming

Free Shipping On All EasyPro Aeration Systems!

We are now offering free shipping on all EasyPro Aeration Systems! This is quite a savings as many of these systems are large and heavy.

Consider these positive affects of aeration:

  • Fish require adequate dissolved oxygen levels. It is challenging for them to survive in an oxygen-deprived habitat, especially as water temperatures climb. Deeper, colder areas of your pond contain higher concentrations of dissolved oxygen. Aeration will distribute that cooler, oxygen rich water to areas of warmer water breaking down stratification in the water column. Aeration allows fish to inhabit the entire lake as opposed to only a specific stratified layer.
  • Proper aeration will improve water quality. In oxygen deprived (anoxic) conditions, bottom sediments release various gases and metals that can cause water quality problems. Aeration will allow for many of the factors contributing to poor water quality to be released at pond’s surface.
  • Aeration will reduce Phosphorus concentrations. Phosphorus is one main culprit in creating and sustaining large algae blooms. Once phosphorus enters a pond’s ecosystem it is very difficult to remove.
  • Adequate aeration will break down unwanted bacteria.
  • Aeration removes foul odors by circulating the water and adding dissolved oxygen.
  • Aeration helps with mosquito problems.

Today is a great time to add more aeration to your pond. Remember, Bjornsen Pond Management is offering Free Shipping On All EasyPro Aeration Systems!