Spring is Here and the Ponds Are Waking Up!


Spring is here and the ponds are waking up!

Spring is here and the ponds are waking up! When you take a look at your pond you will see a lot happening. Hopefully, you are seeing good things—ice out, good water clarity, and fish becoming more active. In fact, this year’s extensive cold weather followed by great warmth is making things happen at a record pace and some of us may be seeing things we do not care for, like heavy algae blooms which are possibly creating oxygen deficiencies in our ponds or lakes.

Now is the time to act!

The next few weeks are critical as you attempt to gain the upper hand and keep control of your pond through the summer months. At minimum, we suggest:

  • Change the filters

    In your aeration systems

  • Stay ahead of water quality issues

    With a comprehensive bacteria program

  • Contact Us

    At the first sign of vegetation growth so we can properly identify the vegetation and put together a reasonable and effective treatment plan

Bjornsen Pond Management is here to help you!

We have the experience and knowledge to put your pond on the right track. We can increase your water quality, increase water clarity, decrease nuisance weeds, and conduct a Pond Audit With Electrofishing, which will give us the information we need to make fish stocking recommendations. With our help, your pond will reach its full potential.