Visit the 2021 Cedar Rapids Sportshow this weekend and we’ll put some cash back in your pocket!

Kevin Bjornsen will be at the Bjornsen Pond Management booth the entire weekend ready to talk with you about your pond. We will have vouchers at the booth for huge savings on select products.

Save on select Aeration Systems, 12 x 12 Dock KitsPond Audits With Electrofishing, and Midwest Pond All-Seasons Bacteria.


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120v AC Aeration Systems

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Midwest Pond All Seasons Bacteria 25 lb Pail



It’s that easy. Visit. Chat. And leave with a voucher for significant savings on select products. We’ll see you at the 2021 Cedar Rapids Sportshow!

Show Location:

Alliant Energy PowerHouse Convention Center
350 First Avenue NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

Show Hours:

  • Friday: February 26th, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: February 27th, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: February 28th, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

2020 Fall Fish Stocking

We are putting together our 2020 fall fish stocking schedule—and now is the time to get on our list as available dates are filling fast! Don’t know what to stock? Don’t just guess. Bjornsen Pond Management will develop a stocking plan that works best for your fishing and pond goals.

We use only genetically superior stock from the nation’s best breeders. We will help you develop your specialized fishery.

Contact us online today! Or call 319-350-2918.

Fish availability from our hatcheries is hard to predict!—quantities of certain species as well as seasonal timing change dramatically from year to year. Reserving your fish and delivery period will ensure you get what you want when you want it.

Come along with us on this 2 minute video below, as we finished out our fall fish stocking last year! It’s not too early to get on our 2020 Fall Fish Stocking schedule. Get in touch with us today!

We are helping diminish the spread of Covid 19 by practicing responsible hygiene and social distancing.

Take control of your pond weeds! Every year about this time, ponds all over the midwest are overtaken by green stuff—Water Meal, Chara, Duck Weed, Filamentous Algae, Coontail, or even Cattails. Some pond vegetation is good. But, when plant material starts covering most of your pond’s surface, bad things can happen. Too many pond weeds affect how your pond looks, how it functions as a fish habitat, and how healthy it is for recreation.

Before-After-3Bjornsen Pond Management can help keep your pond in good health! We have the products and expertise to help take control of your pond weeds. Check out our pond vegetation control products. PondFit Beneficial Pond Bacteria, aeration systems, and mechanical tools will help better your water quality. And, of course, you can always ask us specific questions online or call (319) 350-2918! We are always eager to help!

Paradise Pads—The Heat is On!

Here in eastern Iowa, summer has arrived and the heat is on! With temps and humidity soaring, the perfect solution is use your pond for cool down activities. Bjornsen Pond Management has many products that will help you and your family stay cool.

Our Inflatable Swim Pads have been very popular. In fact, our inventory is decreasing and our manufacturer is struggling to keep up with demand. If you are interested in an inflatable swim pad—now is the time to buy!

We also carry Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards. These are a great way to explore your waterways, and get wet if you choose!

Check out the Docks, Swim Pads, and Paddle Boards section of our online store. We stock dock kits in many sizes and configurations, dock floats, and the more traditional foam swim pads up to 6-ft. x 18-ft.

Place your order today to get your items before the 4th of July weekend. Our remaining inventory will go fast!

2020 spring electrofishing signup

Now is the perfect time to look ahead to late spring and summer. Soon you will cast a line hoping to catch one of your trophy fish. When they bite, are they the hogs that you imagined? Or are they are smaller than expected? You know the fish were once there. But are they today? How many? What size? And what is the makeup of the other species that support the growth of your trophy sized fish?

We are now scheduling pond audits with electrofishing for spring 2020

Over the next few months we we will be conducting pond audits with electrofishing in ponds all over Iowa and surrounding states. Our customers (Home Owners Associations, campgrounds, and private pond owners) will be able to see firsthand what fish species and sizes they have in their ponds

Now is the time to think ahead to what you would like to learn about your pond’s health. Go beyond a “hunch” and really learn what is going on beneath the water’s surface. A pond and lake audit with electrofishing will give you the real story. It will give you data—data that you can use to make intelligent stocking decisions. Concerns over invasive vegetation will also addressed with education and mitigation plans for the control of unwanted plant species.

We are already putting our electrofishing schedule together for spring 2020. Contact us via our Online form or call (319) 350-2918 to reserve your spot on our schedule!

With the unknown future of Covid 19, we will be practicing responsible hygiene and social distancing. We look forward to getting to know you and your pond needs!

Why Do We Electrofish?

It looks like spring is upon us, and most of us are eager to jump right to the fun part—stocking fish. Bjornsen Pond Management loves stocking fish as much as the next guy, but honestly, there are better ways to go about building a fishery than just adding a bunch of fish. The better way is to start with electrofishing. What is electrofishing, you ask? Here is an overview.

This is what we hear from many pond and lake owners:

“I already know what’s in my pond. I just stocked it five years ago.”

So you stocked your pond five years ago. What was your pond’s fish population before you stocked? Did you have a balanced fishery—meaning a proper balance of predator fish and feeder fish, of the proper size? Without an electrofishing session followed by a pond audit, you might have taken a shot in the dark then—and you may be ready to do so again. In this scenario, adding more of the wrong fish will likely take your fishery down the wrong path.

“I keep my eyes on my pond at all times. I’ve never had a major fish kill”

So, you have never had a major fish kill. How do you know that? Contrary to popular belief, fish kills are not always the result of a hard winter—there are summer time fish kills as well, and they can be triggered by algae blooms, heavy rains, and many other factors. And, contrary to popular belief, dead fish do not always float up to the pond’s surface. We have seen very large fish kills with barely a trace visible on the surface. Many dead fish will just sink to the bottom of your pond.

“We don’t have an issue with predators. I’ve never seen any evidence at all.”

The third statement may not be as clear cut as it seems. Many things happen around your pond during hours of darkness. Many predators are night feeders—and they can be crafty killers, dragging their catch far away from shore. By the next morning, there is hardly a clue that they were there. We have seen fish populations seriously decreased by predators that were not believed to be an issue. Keep in mind that your pond is one element of a diverse habitat. Your pond will attract all wildlife. Learn to allow for this diversity.

“I have too many pond weeds. I need a bunch of grass carp.”

And finally, grass carp. This is a common—yet rarely accurate—perceived “solution” to your vegetation problems. The fist step is identifying what weeds are growing in your pond, and in what months they take over. Pond Vegetation Control has always been challenging. Learning about what exactly you are dealing with before jumping to a conclusion is the best plan of attack.

We are now scheduling pond audits with electrofishing for spring 2020

Over the next few months we we will be conducting pond audits with electrofishing in ponds all over Iowa. Our customers (Home Owners Associations, campgrounds, and private pond owners) will be able to see firsthand what fish species and sizes they have in their ponds allowing us to provide stocking and harvest plans that will help them reach their goals. Concerns over invasive vegetation will also addressed with a bit of education and mitigation plans for the control of unwanted plant species.

A pond audit with electrofishing is the best way to learn about the fish population and overall health of your pond. Contact us via our Online form or Or call (319) 350-2918.

After you receive your pond audit, we will work with you to develop a stocking plan that works with your pond’s current fish population. In time, your pond will become the healthy and diverse fishery that you want.


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