It’s Fall Fish Stocking Time!

Click the button above to start the process of creating your fish stocking plan. Our Fish Stocking Worksheet let’s us know what fish species and sizes you want. We will call to discuss your selections, and to get you on our schedule.

Bjornsen Pond Management now offers two ways to handle your order:

  1. Pick up smaller orders directly from our facility
  2. Larger orders will be delivered directly to you

Of course, the key piece of data that is missing here, is knowing what your pond or lake’s current fish population is. We also recommend a pond audit with electrofishing to inform stocking decisions. Certain combinations of fish sizes and species work well, while others do not. If you’re unsure about which fish to stock, at minimum, we recommend a phone conversation by calling the number at the top of this email.

We make fish deliveries to Iowa only
  • Fish sizes indicated on this form are ballpark ranges. There will always be some variance within any of these ranges.
  • Fish prices can fluctuate based on many factors. Prices and availability may change at any time without further notice.