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It’s Time to Feed Your Fish

It’s Time to Feed Your Fish

A lot of things about pond management can be very complicated—pond vegetation control, and keeping your fish population in a healthy balance to name a couple. But growing trophy sized fish can come down to a simple fact. Feeding a high-quality fish food like Purina® Aquamax® (Largemouth, MVP, 400, 500, 600) will help your fishery become the thing of legends. Bjornsen Pond Management recommends and sells the complete Aquamax product line. We have years of history with Aquamax, feeding it to fish in our own ponds.

When we design a custom feeding program for you, we emphasize the following:

  1. There is a significant difference in the quality of commercially available fish foods. Many are full of bulk fillers—fillers that will not contribute significantly to the growth of your fish. Aquamax fish foods are high in protein for fast muscle growth.
  2. There is really no such thing as “one size fits all” fish food. We feed various sizes of food—smaller pellets for panfish, and jumbo “largemouth” pellets for bigger fish. It is a fact—big fish want big food. We see this every day as we run different pellet sizes in feeders side-by-side. Smaller fish are attracted to the smaller pellets. While big Bass and Catfish devour the large pellets.
  3. We inventory Aquamax in our shop, and we strive to have food available to you at all times. You can pick up your bags directly from us, or we can ship bags to you.
  4. Feed consistently. If you follow our feeding plan, the growth of your fish will follow.

It’s Time to Feed Your Fish!