Here’s To The Big Fish!


Top Dog.

Big Kahuna.

The Big Fish.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the “big fish” out there—and thank you for including Bjornsen Pond Management as your source for fish stocking, pond and lake supplies, management, and services.

This “big fish” was caught on one of our ponds last week! According to the fisherman, this Muskie was caught “on the second cast of the day!” We estimate this Muskie at somewhere between 30-35-inches in length. Here are a few stats revealing that the Muskellunge is truly the “big fish” of the pond!

On average muskellunge will reach:

  • 10 pounds at about 33 inches in length
  • 20 pounds at about 41 inches
  • 30 pounds at about 47 inches
  • 40 pounds at about 52 inches
  • Size will vary among populations and at different times of the year.